“Those who are destined for excellence know it from the beginning “

Those who are destined for excellence know it from the beginning. It’s an unshakeable urge that no nine to five “cookie cutter” job can fulfill. I know that feeling all too well, and I know how frustrating the journey can be, especially when the odds aren’t in your favor.


I was born to an absent father (to this day, I’ve never met him) and a mentally ill (albeit brilliant and well-meaning) mother. Because of these circumstances, social services passed me from the hospital into foster care almost immediately after I was born. Luckily, my grandparents were bright, tenacious people, especially when it came to family, and they fought a hard battle to gain custody over me.


They filled their home with ten other family members, including me at age 1 . And despite being the youngest of the group, I quickly stood out as the leader.   


School bored me. I challenged my teachers constantly. I had a thirsty imagination and a wandering mind. I read any and every book I could get my hands on. Within the pages of those books I realized I was meant to make an impact, I just wasn’t sure what that impact would look like.   


I remember the day that impact became much clearer. A good friend of mine asked me to drive him to a job interview in the most unusual place you could imagine for a job interview: an old wooden house plopped on a road that wound and twisted through the backwoods of New Jersey.

It was the site of an independent living program for troubled teens. Out of pure curiosity, I followed my friend into the building. Minutes later, I found myself sitting at a desk across from the program director, interviewing for a position.


 This is how I will make my impact, I thought. This is my chance to help people who grew up like me .


I was thrilled to find out I got the job and started right away. I loved that job. It felt like I was finally living my destiny. By the age of twenty three, I had advanced to the position of Site Director, carrying a lot of responsibility on my shoulders and overseeing the operations of a program that was dear to my heart. To my dismay and the dismay of many of the participants in the program, the state eventually shut us down due to lack of funding.


I transferred my passion and talents over to work for the State of New Jersey until I realized my true calling was to have my own company. That was how I was going to help who I really wanted to help and do it on my own terms. And Zo Brown Speaks was born.


Zo Brown Speaks is for anyone who knows they are destined for excellence, who have a dream they are itching to fulfill. It is for the person who hasn’t always had it easy, who has had to overcome a lot of hurdles to get to where you are now, and still there are more obstacles in your future.

Say goodbye to excuses. Excuses are just well-rehearsed lies. It’s time to create your future vision. It’s time for action.