Helping others become

Confident and Effective Storytellers

Zo Brown Speaks 

The Academy

Speed Coaching  | $90 for 90 minutes

Anyone can build a career in speaking! I will show you how by using five (5) easy steps 

-SWOT Analysis (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat)
-Image and Social Media Assessment

This experience provides quick, customized direction to help anyone build a career in professional speaking!  Contact us to find out how you can host a Speed Coaching session today!


Coaching 3.0  | $1,200 for 3 months

A three (3) month one-to-one or group coaching experience.  3.0 consists of three (3) 90 minute monthly in-person or online meetings


3.0 is for those who are ready to launch their next big career, entrepreneurial or creative move.  This customized experience can help you climb the corporate ladder, establish your speaking career, create a workshop, promote a new book or start an online series.  3.0 will help you stay on task and apply confidence when navigating your specified goals.  

Zo Brown Speaks is an Limited Liability coaching and consulting agency registered to procure local, state and federal contracts.

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