Helping others become

Confident and Effective Storytellers

Zo Brown Speaks 

The Academy

Speed Coaching  | $90 for 90 minutes

A 90 minute one-to-one or group consultation.  Using five (5) easy steps :
-SWOT Analysis (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat)
-Image and Social Media Assessment

This experience provides quick, customized direction based on the client’s identified career, business or creative ambitions.

Coaching 3.0  | $425 for 3 months

A three (3) month one-to-one or group coaching experience.  3.0 consists of three (3) 90 minute monthly in-person or online meetings:
3.0 is for those who are ready to launch their next big career, entrepreneurial or creative move.  This customized experience can help you climb the corporate ladder, establish your speaking career, create a workshop, promote a new book or start an online series.  3.0 will help you stay on task and apply confidence when navigating your specified goals.  

General consulting fee starts at $60 per hour.