Not your grandma’s workshops.
How do you want to get from Point A to Point B in your life? Do you want to sit in a cold room and rigorously take notes for hours (only to realize that you retained close to nothing by the end)? Or do you want to feel like you’re at a party with your closest friends and walk away with actionable tools to rev up your journey to excellence?




Do you feel constrained by corporate barriers? Do you feel that you and your team has major potential for change? These workshops will give your company the tools to manage daily conflicts and reach all of your goals while saving you hassles, headaches, time, and money. From brand identity to end user, making a great impression is essential. We’ve got the workshops to get you there.



The question “what do you want to be when you grow up” takes on a whole different meaning now that you’re grown up. It’s not easy navigating this professional world; technology has made our options virtually limitless. That’s where these workshops come in. Each workshop is an experience designed to give you firm guidance and a direct map to success. Your dreams of becoming an astronaut might have passed, but there’s a new dream on the horizon and I’ll help get you there.



The best time to prepare for your future is right now– not tomorrow, and definitely not in twenty years. Maybe you don’t feel challenged enough in school. Maybe you’re looking for guidance beyond what you receive from teachers. These workshops will open you up to future possibilities and give you the tools to live them out. Don’t let everybody else tell you how your life “should” be lived. Take control over your future, and the time to do it is now.

Develop ME


Go from passion to action and quench your thirst for entrepreneurial success.By developing your image, presentation and networking power IPN Power®

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“Upgrade My Image” – Upgrade the way you feel by upgrading the way you look and you will take command of any room.

Make your connections work for you; learn how to do networking right.